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Earn 100 euros a day at roulette My method


Earn 100 euros a day at roulette My method

DublinBet, CasinoExtra, Lucky31, Fatboss or Casino Estrella, thanks to these casinos I earn 100 euros a day at roulette.

It’s my day-to-day life! Don’t you believe me?

The proof in videos...

My videos are authentic! To check it, you only have to look at several and you will see that my winnings are constant and increase in the successive order of my parts.

If you want to do as I do and live from the game, I invite you to read this article because I will explain what it takes and what not to do to earn 100 euros a day at roulette!

Playing roulette Here’s what not to do…

There are many techniques called “martingales“.

There are many, the best known are:

  • Hawks’s fearsome method (which will quickly accompany you to bankruptcy);
  • “Calls”;
  • Numerology;
  • The sizains;
  • Columns and cross-sections.

On many sites, you are told that the more complex the method, the more likely you are to win!

That’s what you’re led to believe… but unfortunately, the reality is much harsher.

Only a few connoisseurs in this field are able to use the martingales correctly.

For most of us, these methods are losing out!

I speak knowingly because I have tried all these strategies for several years…

Indeed, if you think about it, there is no logic to bet double on the color that has just fallen. By doing this, you are only counting on your luck.

It’s called chance… I call it: play to lose!

Believe me, the only method that works is based on dealer observation and reflection.

Because you play against the dealer, you must never forget it.

His job is to make money at the casino that employs him. That’s common sense!

In their training schools, dealers learn to master the trajectory of the ball.

Electronic casters were invented because their software allows you to propel the ball completely randomly every time so that you lose for sure.

You should never play against a machine because its program is designed to make you lose, but that I have already explained …

So here you know what not to do…

I will now explain how to earn these famous 100 euros a day like me.

How do you make a €100 a day at roulette? My method

To earn 100 euros a day, here’s my method in a few words:

  • Sign up for a serious online casino like DublinBet, CasinoExtra,Lucky31, Faatboss or Estrella Casino.
  • Analyze dealers by observing parts;
  • Set a ranking of dealers based on their results;
  • Play a game by putting in place the mechanisms of the strategy I would have taught you;
  • Correct and learn from mistakes before WINNING!

All this, I will teach you during my training.

Necessarily… becoming a roulette pro, this can’t be explained in a few minutes.

It takes time and practice; that’s why I teach my method over several weeks.

By phone:

  • I’ll explain how I play: what I observe, why I bet on certain numbers, what is my reflection on the game …
  • I’ll advise you live;
  • I’ll point you in the choice of tables.
  • I’ll go with you in your analysis of the dealer.
  • I’ll coach you at a party;
  • I will follow you in your progress until your perfect mastery of the system.

You can reach me as much as you need, when i communicate the hours I have communicated to you.

My method will win you if you are not too greedy!!

For more information, please contact me, I will answer all your questions.