Roulette live 3 reasons to play against a real dealer


Roulette live 3 reasons to play against a real dealer

A wheel, a ball, red or black, 37 numbers and my method to win!

Watch how a game unfolds when my strategy is applied…

The stage is ready, all that remains is to make your games.

In this article, I’ll explain:

  • What is a live casino?
  • Which casinos should I recommend?
  • Why do you have to play online against a real dealer?

What is online casino with live roulette?

The principle of online roulette with the dealer is very simple and very well thought out …

A real dealer is present at the roulette table, he animates the game as if you were in a land casino.

The dealer is filmed, from the casino or the recording studio, by a webcam. The game is broadcast live and the image arrives in real time on your screens like a TV show.

You place your bet on live roulette as if you were there!

There is no lag so no cheating possible on the part of the casino …

But beware, if everything is done on online gambling sites to make you play, there are some traps and scams to avoid …

Online casinos the reliable sites I recommend

Expert Tip: Find a reliable online casino roulette and you’ll avoid nasty surprises!

When you play your own money, it is very important to ensure the honesty and professionalism of the casino.

I have tested many online gambling sites and I can tell you that there are many casinos that do not follow the guidelines of “responsible gambling.”

To find a good casino, you have two solutions:

Read the casino reviews, where experts give their opinions and check for yourself.

Or choose from my top 5 best virtual casinos:

The online casinos that I advocate, I selected them myself for their seriousness and I speak knowingly …

On these sites, payment is guaranteed!

It is done without problem unlike other sites that require a lot of “justifications” (already provided) to make you waste time and not pay you …

So take the time to choose your online casino as there is nothing more annoying than to realize that we have been rolled…

Why play in a live casino with a real dealer?

There are two ways to play roulette:

  • The first is to play against an electronic roulette;
  • The second is against a real drug dealer.

The difference is considerable!!

You should know that on online electronic wheels, the wheel is activated and governed by a computer system.

In fact, you face software that throws the ball differently each time so that it never stops on the same number. So it’s almost impossible for you to win…

With a live dealer, it’s totally different…

A real dealer drives the wheel and animates the game.

He has his way of throwing the ball and the chances of him falling into the same area regularly are much greater.

By analyzing the published numbers and following my method of play, you will define the first numbers to play from your first bet.

Then, after a few moves, by adjusting your choice, you scramble the dealer on a full number to pocket 35 times the bet.

That’s why it’s about playing in a live casino and using my gaming method to win roulette!

Another advantage of online roulette: train my method on full numbers

Thanks to online roulette, you can follow a game from home without betting money and thinking about how you would have played.

It’s a kind of training… and this is an important step to learn my method of playing!

Indeed, a roulette game goes fast so there is no question of throwing yourself into the big bath without knowing how to play.

Spotting the right numbers and making wise choices at the right time is not improvised.

Before you start a live game, I suggest you log regularly to the same site to:

  • look at the dealers,
  • take notes on each of them,
  • think about the numbers you’d choose
  • gradually learn my method about complete numbers

For a while, you will become familiar with the course of a game and practice my method without the stress of betting money.

With experience and following my advice, these things will become simple for you and you will be self-reliant.

But before I get to this level, I’ll give you my professional advice.

This is the purpose of my training and the interest of step-by-step learning that I propose.

To conclude, I find that choosing a casino with live roulette has many advantages!

So if you are seduced by the concept of online casino and my videos have convinced you, you can contact me to start your training at roulette on solid numbers …